Fraud Consultants offer a bespoke consultancy service. The services and products offered have been researched and developed by our partners using their extensive practical, investigative and legal experience.
At Fraud Consultants we listen to our clients' wishes and concerns and advise on the best way forward, providing you with the best chance of achieving the outcome you desire.


    This is an investigative procedure issued by HMRC when they suspect taxation fraud or irregularities. You are obliged to co-operate and HMRC recommends seeking independent advice from a COP9 specialist and allows this specialist (with your authority) to deal directly with them on your behalf.
    Fraud Consultants have specialist knowledge of COP9 and are experienced in co-operating with HMRC as an independent advisor. We can also provide an independent forensic accountancy service to assist where necessary.


    Fraud Consultants provides assistance in the tracing of assets that someone has hidden and you believe you are entitled to. Do you need to find someone who owes you money or who you are considering litigating against, and are they worth pursuing?
    Whether you are a private individual looking to sue someone, a business wishing to trace debtor’s assets, or within a legal case considering undertaking litigation against a subject or business entity, Fraud Consultants can help.
    Experience informs us that most litigants who are unsuccessful in attempting to recover debt fail because they embark on costly litigation without the full picture of the assets ultimately available. By accurately tracing the debtor and establishing a fuller picture we help our clients to increase their chances of successful recovery of debts, owed both by companies and individuals.
    Fraud Consultants are experienced in locating property owned both here and overseas, following money trails, uncovering different types of financial accounts such as stocks and shares, bonds and offshore accounts, trusts, along with actually locating the debtor himself where necessary.
    We regularly work with law firms, insolvency practitioners and private clients on complex asset tracing enquiries, and are known for adopting a commercial, cost/benefit approach to tracing hidden assets.


    Due Diligence is conducted on behalf of clients into the corporate profile, integrity and business standards of a current or prospective partner, or new or existing customer, in order to identify the risks to both client investment and reputation. This process enables a client to avoid or mitigate potential risks, particularly when undertaking new business in unfamiliar environments or with unfamiliar individuals or organisations.
    A business does not want to make the wrong decisions when looking at any type of customer, be it an individual or corporate, when exploring new business. High quality due diligence will ensure that clients know the source of wealth an individual brings to them, as well as the identity and background of the shareholders and key principals behind a corporate entity or joint venture.
    Fraud Consultants clients instruct us to conduct domestic and international due diligence investigations of potential acquisitions, joint business venture partners, vendors, suppliers, competitors, or even investors and candidates to be hired in executive or other sensitive positions. Our experience and expertise in due diligence enquiries, both in the UK and internationally, provides us with the knowledge, contacts and capability to serve their needs.
    Fraud Consultants services range from basic to enhanced (known as Bronze through to Silver and Gold levels), depending on the clients required level of due diligence to be undertaken and the extent and value of the relationship being considered. Our reports are of the highest quality.
    Fraud Consultants have developed a vast network of reliable, trustworthy and highly vetted resources around the world. This ensures Fraud Consultants provides its clients with cost effective, up-to-date, relevant and reliable information.


    Fraud Consultants are tracing specialists in the UK. Our professional tracing services are provided to a wide audience of professionals. We provide a prompt, affordable, detailed, discreet and ethical service, all tailored to your particular requirements.
    We have the ability to locate anyone in the UK – trace debtors, absconding tenants, or to trace witnesses in the UK and around the World. Fraud Consultants have access to a number databases and records dating back to the turn of the century.
    Some of the searches we conduct on your behalf are as follows:
    Name and Address Finder – Confirmation of a person’s name and current or last known address, Address search (who resides at a particular address), Address Finder (if only a name and last known address is known) and Historical Electoral Search; Land/Property Register – Provide you with Registered Owner Search details, Property Title Map and Property Title Deed, where required;
    Births, Deaths and Marriages – Birth Search/Order Birth Certificates, Death Search/Order Death Certificates and Marriage Search/Order Marriage Certificates;
    Background Checks – Check subject’s background, employment history, educational qualifications, credit status, court judgements and other background investigation services.
    Negative findings – such as criminal history, sanctions and watch-list entries, regulatory investigations and politically Exposed Person (PEPs).
    The more information the greater the chance we have of finding the current whereabouts of him or her. If you possess the full name (including middle name and correct spelling), date of birth and a last known UK address (usually no more than 5 years old) then we could carry out the trace. Other useful information you may possess which could assist us on your behalf would be the following: details of next of kin (wife, husband, children, other relatives, etc.); past or present friends; schools, colleges or universities attended; clubs previously attended or social activities undertaken on a regular basis.


    Fraud Consultants provides access to high quality criminal defence services to assist Clients when they have been arrested and Charged with criminal offences. Fraud Consultants source the most suitable Solicitors and Counsel to represent you in your case. Fraud Consultants have excellent relationships with leading Solicitors and Chambers who are very experienced in the criminal arena.
    When charged with a Criminal offence this can be worrying time which can impact on your livelihood, family and finances. Fraud Consultants work with solicitors and counsel to look at your case from all aspects. Fraud Consultants seek to uncover evidence that can support your defence or help to successfully appeal your charges.
    Prosecutions have the support of police, CPS and witnesses to help their case against you, Clients defence can be backed up and enhanced significantly by instructing Fraud Consultants to review your case and build your defence with the right legal team to refute the evidence against you.


    Previously accessible only to the very wealthy, private prosecutions are becoming increasingly viable as an alternative action where cases have been rejected by the police.
    Private prosecution can be a real option and Fraud Consultants can assist in the preparation and management of your case throughout the whole process.
    Contact us for a free initial consultation.


    Fraud Consultants provides access to high quality

Free Initial Consultation

This will be with Darren Jones, a former Police Detective with many years of experience, specialising in serious crime and civil investigations. The consultation is designed to allow you the opportunity to explain your case and to provide supporting documentation for initial review.
Having discussed your case with you, Darren will be able to identify a suitable course of action and to give you a range of sensible options covering the whole spectrum from litigation resolution to the commencement or furtherance of a claim. The approach will be tailor-made to assist you to achieve your aims. The consultation is a 1-hour meeting at one of our office locations. If it is more convenient, by arrangement, Darren can travel to a location of your choice.
Fraud Consultants UK can arrange for a Civil or Criminal Barrister to be present at the Initial consultation. We will assist and advise upon the selection of the appropriate level of representation, ranging from Junior Counsel to Queen's Counsel dependant on the case.

Investigation Work
  • Identification of offences
  • Review of case; proposed action; investigation management
  • Professionally constructed witness statements
  • Collation of exhibits
  • Summary of evidence compatible with a civil or criminal prosecution
  • Presentation of the case to the appropriate body
  • Attendance at court as a professional witness
  • Drafting of Memoranda of understanding & confidentiality agreements
  • Fraud awareness and prevention
  • Professional services including forensic accountants, solicitors etc.

  • Expert witnesses
  • Barristers' consultation
  • Review of 'cold' cases
  • Advice on police procedure and protocols
  • Prepared to travel throughout the UK and abroad
  • Due diligence
  • Asset tracing
  • Surveillance
  • Criminal Defence
  • Preparation of exhibits list