Locate Trace

Locate and trace assets

Fraud Consultants are tracing specialists in the UK. Our professional tracing services are provided to a wide audience of professionals. We provide a prompt, affordable, detailed, discreet and ethical service, all tailored to your particular requirements.
We have the ability to locate anyone in the UK – trace debtors, absconding tenants, or to trace witnesses in the UK and around the World. Fraud Consultants have access to a number databases and records dating back to the turn of the century.
Some of the searches we conduct on your behalf are as follows:
Name and Address Finder – Confirmation of a person’s name and current or last known address, Address search (who resides at a particular address), Address Finder (if only a name and last known address is known) and Historical Electoral Search; Land/Property Register – Provide you with Registered Owner Search details, Property Title Map and Property Title Deed, where required;
Births, Deaths and Marriages – Birth Search/Order Birth Certificates, Death Search/Order Death Certificates and Marriage Search/Order Marriage Certificates;
Background Checks – Check subject’s background, employment history, educational qualifications, credit status, court judgements and other background investigation services.
Negative findings – such as criminal history, sanctions and watch-list entries, regulatory investigations and politically Exposed Person (PEPs).
The more information the greater the chance we have of finding the current whereabouts of him or her. If you possess the full name (including middle name and correct spelling), date of birth and a last known UK address (usually no more than 5 years old) then we could carry out the trace. Other useful information you may possess which could assist us on your behalf would be the following: details of next of kin (wife, husband, children, other relatives, etc.); past or present friends; schools, colleges or universities attended; clubs previously attended or social activities undertaken on a regular basis.