About Litigation Funding

Types of Cases Funded

  • Insolvency Act claims
  • Breach of Contract
  • Professional Negligence
  • Intellectual Property (including trademark and copyright disputes)
  • Tax Claims
  • Class Actions
  • Banking Litigation

Litigation can be an expensive, uncertain and worrying undertaking. We recognise that corporate and individual clients are wary of committing to expend significant sums in the pursuit of their claims, concerned that they will be liable to pay the other party's costs in the event that their claim is unsuccessful: litigation funding provides a safe alternative.

Litigation funding enables corporate or individual clients to have the costs of litigation funded by a third party. In the event of the claim being successful, the client agrees to pay us, and the Funder a proportion of any award. In the event of the claim being unsuccessful, the client is not liable for any costs at all - these are borne entirely by the Funder.

How do I know if my case is relevant for funding?

Your case will be evaluated by us upon receipt of all relevant information. The following headings provide a broad overview of the elements that are considered by Funders who are assessing a potential claim:

Chances of success?

There must be a strong legal case on both liability and the value of the claim.

Can the potential defendant satisfy the claim?

There must be assurances for the Funder that if the Court finds in your favour that the claim and costs are recoverable from the other side.

Is the case financially suitable for funding?

The Funders with which we work most frequently, usually consider cases where the potential award is more than £500,000. However, if your individual claim is valued at less than that, but you are one claimant in a class action, then we they consider aggregating your claim on that basis.
Due to our ability to source different levels and sources of litigation funding, we may be able to consider cases that fall short of the above threshold providing that we consider that the claim is financially viable, has a good chance of success and that the defendant is in a position to settle the claim swiftly.

Review of evidential file for litigation funding

Following completion of the initial investigative work and collation of the primary materials, the draft file is subjected to a comprehensive and detailed review by a leading QC, for the purposes of ensuring Quality Control: this is done with a view to maximizing the viability of the submission to other lawyers and litigation funders. His experience is invaluable in identifying:

  • deficiencies in the evidence;
  • further potential evidence;
  • other legal issues that may arise

This stage is essential to ensure that costs are not wasted during the complex and technical process of seeking to secure litigation funding upon most beneficial terms available for our clients.

How do I move forward with this?

Start by calling us to arrange an initial consultation: we will provide you with a careful analysis of the funding issues that seem to arise in your case, including the initial costs prior to obtaining litigation funding. If your case is suitable and you wish to proceed further, then we will invite you to provide more details of your case. We will invite you to sign the Terms of Engagement that will form the contract between us.
Once we have conducted a more detailed assessment of the case we may engage a Solicitor and/or a Barrister to provide a legal opinion for provision to potential Funders in support of your claim. We will keep you informed regularly of the progress of your case.
Upon the successful resolution of your matter, the Solicitors acting for you will then deduct the amounts due to the Funder, and then apportion the balance to you.
All matters discussed are kept completely confidential.

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Case Studies

Case Study 1

300 member Group action professional negligence claim with Damages in excess of £9,000,000: Global Litigation Management was approached by a number of investors whom had lost funds in a fraudulent investment scheme, detailed investigation and document gathering was carried out by the team allowing the dispute to be placed with a Leading Central London Law firm and for 3rd party funding and After the Event insurance to be obtained.

Case Study 2

Patent Dispute Damages in excess of £5,000,000: Global Litigation Management was approached by a client who had had difficulty obtaining legal representation, the team organised and reviewed a significant volume of documentation and in conjunction with Leading Counsel was able to identify various possible causes of action. The Documents were organised and representation was obtained with a leading London Litigation Firm on a Conditional Fee basis.