Free Initial Consultation

This will be with Darren Jones, a former Police Detective with many years of experience, specialising in serious crime and civil investigations. The consultation is designed to allow you the opportunity to explain your case and to provide supporting documentation for initial review.

Having discussed your case with you, Darren will be able to identify a suitable course of action and to give you a range of sensible options covering the whole spectrum from litigation resolution to the commencement or furtherance of a claim. The approach will be tailor-made to assist you to achieve your aims. The consultation is a 1-hour meeting at one of our office locations. If it is more convenient, by arrangement, Darren can travel to a location of your choice.

Fraud Consultants UK can arrange for a Civil or Criminal Barrister to be present at the Initial consultation. We will assist and advise upon the selection of the appropriate level of representation, ranging from Junior Counsel to Queen's Counsel dependant on the case.